Our Mission

Here at Blue Can Training Solutions, we firmly believe in realistic training.  If your police department, military unit, tactical team, or private training facility uses a bolt conversion kit for marking munitions, and you also utilize/deploy with suppressors in the field, then our Blue Can is a must. Entering a room hundreds and hundreds of times a year in training, with a 10.5" barrel, then turning around, and entering a room on a live operation with essentially a 16" barrel because of adding your suppressor, is not realistic. The entire point of a bolt conversion kit for marking munitions training, is to be able train with your actual weapon system.  Changing the length of the weapon for training because of the inability to use a suppressor with marking munitions is not acceptable. We as end users, have developed a universally mountable, cost effective solution to this training problem. Our mission is simple, to keep everyone in harm's way as safe and effective as possible.  TRAIN HOW YOU FIGHT.